Roast lamb

A typical lunch menu might be a joint of lamb, potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, peas, carrots, parsnips and a gravy. I’d recommend a fruity red wine; we normally serve the following roast lamb with a Caneros Pinot Noir (when we can find one).

This recipe for roast lamb, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings is based on my Mum’s, which in turn was based on her Mum’s, etc… My Mum used to make the best roast potatoes and Yorkies on the planet. That was until I mastered them!

The key to a perfect Sunday roast is timing and it’s not just about how long the joint is in the oven; it’s about planning.

Ingredients (to serve 10) with cooking times:

  • Leg of Lamb (9lbs, whole serves 10-12 hearty eaters), whole garlic cloves, fresh Rosemary and thyme. Oven is set to 325oF, internal temperatures should be 160oF (for medium).
    • 5lbs whole leg, 2 hrs
    • 9lbs whole leg, 3 hrs 15 minutes
    • 5lbs boneless, 2 hrs 15 minutes
  • Yorkshire puddings: flour, 2 eggs, milk, lard
    • 20-25 minutes at 425oF
  • 8lbs of large white potatoes, salt, goose fat (or oil)
    • 20-30 minutes boiling
    • 1 hour roasting at 325oF
  • 2lbs carrots
    • 15 minutes boiling
  • 1lb parsnips
    • 25 roasting at 325oF
  • 1lb frozen green peas, (optional fresh mint)
    • 5 minutes in microwave
  • gravy: 2 cups of port (the cheap stuff), table spoon of flour
    • 5 minutes on stove top

First, I write on a dry-erase board the time that each dish has to start cooking in chronological order. For example, for everything to be ready at 1pm:

10:00 Lamb in oven, 325oF

11:15 Potatoes (boil)

12:00 Potatoes (roast)

12:30 Parsnip

12:35 Yorkshires

12:45 Carrots

12:50 Peas

13:00 Gravy and eat!


~ by Alistair on February 27, 2009.

One Response to “Roast lamb”

  1. Sunday roast lamb is one of my fondest memories from growing up in Australia, and not surprisingly my favourite food to this day. My mother used the roast pan juices to make the gravy, but I’ll have to try adding port as you’ve suggested. I also don’t mind some mint jelly on the side.

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