Ode to Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

A few months ago, Wholefoods stopped selling Ethiopia Yirgacheffe which was my staple coffee. Freshly roasted (in the store), aromatic, full flavor, complex tones, mellow after taste, and all in a medium roast. I tried other beans at Wholefoods which really didn’t live up to my favorite EYC. I also searched other retail stores, including the local coffee roasters but the supply of EYC has apparently dried up. For brick-and-mortar retailers.

However, I did find an online supplier: groundsforchange.com list and, indeed, supply Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. It’s a darker roast than I was used to from Wholefoods but nevertheless it is pretty good. I also bought their sampler pack (rather a lot of coffee to get through, even for me) as a backup in case the EYC didn’t work out. I’ve yet to taste them but will report here as I do. As for the supplier, the packaging and site claim: “Shade grown”, “Fair trade certified”, “USDA organic”, “Certified Carbonfree“. I’ll trust them on all that and focus on the coffee…

In the meantime, why has Ethipia Yirgacheffe become hard to find? Spouse’s theory: gourmet coffee is no longer profitable for the growers.


~ by Alistair on July 20, 2010.

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